When human beings are aware of their multi-dimensionality and their power to create, their potential is enormous. All start with the capacity to dreamwhich can take three forms.

The first, when we dream for pleasure, a kind of candy for the soul.

The second is intentional imagination, which we use to plan and take action. All successes – psychological, spiritual, financial and artistic – begin with this kind of dreams.

And then there’s a third kind of fantasy, the kind that blocks everything, hindering appropriate action at the critical moment, leaving us with the impression that we can’t do anything or can’t do it because it’s too hard, or we’re just fed up, and here comes the self-sabotage, conscious and/or unconscious, that sets in and the fantasy that sinks us. It’s in these moments that we need to find the little nudges that can stimulate us, change our perception and get us moving.

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Today, having a coach is no longer a luxury. If we could treat consciousness and well-being as we do physical fitness, then we’d be a fulfilled, conflict-free humanity, because we’d know exactly what to do in order to be/get better.

As a coach, I enable you to open a door of dialogue between the Me and the unconscious, a meeting of a human being with himself so that he can find his essence, his soul. This is the moment when ‘repressed material, painful material, etc….’ can be transferred from the unconscious to the conscious, and an unexplored area of human experience can be entered, where the groundwork for new thoughts and actions can be laid and the person can access what he/she is looking for. As long as we are unaware of our needs, our desires, our limiting beliefs, our fears, our personal conditioning, our automatic (sometimes nevrotic) reactions that work to avoid experiencing discomfort, frustration, wounds, fears and pain, we create exactly the opposite. We create our own hell and that of others.

I offer you a professional listening, caring and confidentiality, with face-to-face or online support that will enable you to get to the heart of the matter at your own pace and in complete safety. A journey can last from 3 to 6 months, depending on the theme, your needs, your availability and your pace of development. While the first sessions can be held fairly close together, the others follow each other approximately every two weeks.

The aim is to rediscover oneself and give new meaning to one’s life and/or professional path, and to smile again.


Self-love – Self-confidence – Self-esteem – Self-image – Life transitions – Relational – Hypersensitivity – Important changes – Optimism – Spirituality – Meaning – Emotions – ……..


Leadership – Negotiation – Teamwork – Relations – Conflict management – Communication – Harassment – Interculturality – Stress management – Taking a new position – Company change – Resignations – After redundancy – Performance – Business – Reconversion – Meaning ……


Depending on my clients’ issues, I use a variety of tools: my listening skills and sensitivity, NLP tools, positive psychology, transactional analysis, emotional intelligence, collective intelligence, neuroscience, non-violent communication, situational leadership, motivational psychology, mindfulness, visualization techniques, etc.

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