If I eliminate my name and step out of my roles, I’ll define myselfis a wild, sensitive and free soul, in tune with its energies and intuition, with an unstoppable curiosity and creativity, an inexhaustible capacity for transformation and in love with life, my life, my path and my family. I even love the wounds that have made me who I am today, a fighter who knows how to get back up every time, always wiser and stronger.

Convinced that life is a never-ending learning process, I love challenges, people and unexpected situations that force me to step out of my comfort zone and imagine all possible strategies and solutions.

I love deep discussions about life and its meaning, and sometimes I surprise myself.

By the way, my name is Marisa Ciervo.



After obtaining a Master’s degree in Business & Economics in Italy, my professional adventure began in Switzerland, in the world of luxury goods and fragrances, working for a jewelry house that was launching its fragrance division. A 24-year career that has given access to a variety of functions and management roles at international level with major brands such as Ferragamo, Ungaro and Bulgari (LVMH Group). My career has taken me through the development of brand vision and strategy, and their commercial development on an international scale and across different sales channels.
With a keen sense of entrepreneurship, I have successfully led various strategic projects such as a brand launch, a high-end line launch, the repositioning of the brand in certain markets with fragrances, and the repositioning of the brand in Travel Retail with jewelry, watches and fragrances. Travel Retail is the sales channel for airports, cruise lines and airlines. Several negotiations and partnerships have identified business opportunities and transformed them into added value, in terms of sales and brand image positioning.

A humble and human leader, sensitive to the role of employees in an organization, I have always placed my teams and human relationships at the heart of my strategies, aware that without them nothing would have been possible.

I’ve also been involved in a number of major organizational transformations, having spent the first part of my career in a company run by the Bulgari family, with the start-up of a business in perfumes, cosmetics, multibrand, the IPO, etc. I’ve also been involved in a number of major organizational transformations. And a second part marked by the buyout and integration into the LVMH group and the various transformations that followed. Added to this, two departmental restructurings, once with the transfer of activities abroad and the last during the Covid pandemic, left their scars and closed two different cycles on my career path.

Dealing with bullying was my biggest challenge, because that’s when you understand the impact on health and psychosocial risks. I managed it within my teams and became its target on 3 occasions, which enabled me to study the phenomenon closely, becoming a kind of in-house expert ‘in incognito’. That’s one of the reasons why I’m now involved in prevention and support for those who need it.

Since 2022, I have been a founder, entrepreneur and consultant, supporting companies, particularly family-owned businesses, in their development, reorganization and leadership, aware of the current challenges they face, from the point of view of both managers and employees.

More information about my professional background is available under my linkedin profile.


– development and realization of corporate vision, mission and strategy,
– creation of business plans and implementation plans,
– development of sales and marketing strategies,
– brand repositioning,
– sales management, analysis and planning
and investments,
– management and development of B2B and B2C sales,
– negotiations,

– innovations,
– leadership and team development,
– crisis management, transitions, transformations and changes,
– conflict management and harassment,
– executive recruitment,
– corporate governance.



Assertiveness, 2003

Situational Leadership, 2005

Management Training Skills, 2005

Project Management, 2007 & 2016

Recruitment, 2007 & 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility, 2012

DISC, 2014

Leadership Development I, 2016

Innovation & Creativity, 2018

LVMH Talent 2017 & 2018

Leadership Development II, 2018

Mindfulness, 2019

Sustainable Health, 2019


Master in Economics and Business, 1998

Professional Coaching (PCC level), 2020

Emotional Intelligence, 2020-2022

Collective Intelligence, 2021

Positive Intelligence, 2022

Identity Coaching, 2022-2023

Wounds and Ego, 2023

Trauma (lectures), 2023

Teacher of presence, 2023